Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Feeling Feisty

Yup, my energy is coming back after having just Monday off. (And I get the rest of this week off too!)

Decided on a domain name for my new publishing venture, and have been brainstorming content for its launch in May. The new blog digs are almost ready (probably May). I didn't get much done on my first quarter goals.

Left on the list from Q1 (with new additions):

My April list:

1. Moved the blog; need to tweak it for publication.
2. Build new publishing venture site and content (has its own mini list).
3. Outline plans to revise novel.
4. Editorial postcards need to go already (by May 1).
5. Finish building corp writing site (has its own mini list).
6. Hire my VA for data entry.
7. Update www.realbrilliant.com eZine.
8. Implement decisions on blogs for both biz sites.
9. Corp site eZine writing.
10. MFA class work catch up for February.
11. Essay class (finish the most recent essay for my essay coach)
12. Daily study for DANTES and CLEP and reading/research schedule (my list of books is over 50 titles long).

My work is cut out for me. Just as I get to feeling accomplished, I see this list.

Must get to it.

CNN reports here on blurring of lines between professional and amateur writers. Interesting read.

Project Runway moves to Lifetime after one more season due in July. Boo. Hiss.

Perez Hilton has conquered Europe. He will write a Gossip Girl column for ITV.

And I'm out! Happy Tuesday.

Currently reading: Making of Story (LaPlante)
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