Thursday, March 27, 2008

Simplify, simplify

Trying to do this, and starting on this blog:

Basically my five-year plan consists of one non-fiction book and one fiction book sold each year (starting last year, but I didn't sell a nf book last year) for the next three years. I then hope to increase that number, but rather than boring you all with my complex algorithms on exactly how I plan to do that, I will just keep it simple.

Two news stories worth talking about today:

An Observer piece on memoirs where people need to change their lives, so they get book deals and then get paid to change their lives (think Eat, Pray, Love by Elizabeth Gilbert).

And a Times piece on the Seven Deadly Words for Book Reviewers. This stung, because I've used a few of these in my reviewing. Time to haul out the Flip Dictionary again.

And then a good piece on Jodi Picoult (who has a new novel out) from last year, but that inspired me yet again.

And voila, the writing corner of my office:

Please ignore the drapes that still need to be hemmed and the mess of books and papers. All that mess used to be in my living room. This is simplifying for me. I'm delighted. Amazing how one stupid chair and ottoman from IKEA makes such a difference.

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mikawendy said...

I love your writing corner--it looks so warm and cozy, with nice places for storing items.

I totally know what you mean about the drapes that need to be hemmed--I was just staring at mine today. They are dragging on the ground, so before I hem them, I have to take them down and wash them...

livejoyfully said...

I love your new writing corner and blessed! love,mom