Monday, March 24, 2008

Post-Easter Weekend

Hope everyone had a wonderful day yesterday with family, with renewed hope for their future. I hope everyone was loved.

It was a quick weekend and we all weren't moving very fast. Everyone has been stressed about one thing or another and so lots of talking and encouraging and lots of good eats and the inevitable chocolate. I loved playing with my baby niece, who is so cute, and spending time chatting with mom, dad, sisters, and brother. It was great. I completely put the writing issues out of my mind, until last night when they came flooding back, but all is well in light of day now. I think I'll make it.

Revision letter back from the editor on my novel on Friday. I thought about it all weekend (sure, I fretted a bit too), but today I'm ready to go again. I will take the next six months to revise it as I got incredible ideas from the editor and I think I can see what it I want this book to be now. So, if everything goes according to plan, by mid-fall 2008, I will write a fiction book and a non-fiction book! It's more than I thought possible for this year and gets me farther ahead on my five-year plan! It's cool.

I'm still reworking my essay this week too. Lots of writing going on this week as day job is at a dull roar, freelance work is down to a thin trickle, and I know exactly what steps to take to get the writing done. So here we go!

Tomorrow, I need to post my five-year writing plan. I realized that if this needs to happen, I need to be more professional about it.

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