Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Super Tuesday

I'm back to the home office after a nice three-day weekend and celebrating baby niece's first birthday. It was a hit! We had a wonderful time. She is so grown up at one and is working so hard to imitate everything we do.

She is so curious and anything different gets her notice very quickly. Even if you leave a camera or Wii controller or tv remote within her reach, she zeroes in on it within seconds. It was fun to spend time with her and the family and we made Wii bowling champions out of a few more people!

Onto writing, my editor is still reviewing and I'm busy with other things:

researching possible agents to send the book to and working on my essay class and MFA class work. The power flickered last night so much after our arrival at home that we just shut the computers down and went to bed. I have already had a conference call and answered all my email and now am ready to start on my to do list for today, which is long, but everything I want to accomplish will get done this week.

My February list:

Move this blog to a more secure platform (got my host, picked my theme, just need to move)
Finish building and launch my corp writing site (www.realbrilliantcopy.com)
Hire my VA for data entry.
Editorial postcards need to go this week.
Update eZine.
Implement decisions on blogs for both biz sites.
Corp site eZine writing.
MFA class work catch up for February.
Essay class (write four essays and learn the process)
Daily study and reading schedule (my list of books is over 50 titles long)

We'll see how far I get on this. It's fun to set out plans and then see how I do at month's end.

Currently reading: The Situation and the Story (Vivian Gornick)
Currently listening to: Third Day

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