Thursday, February 07, 2008


I'm pretty excited because rumor is that the WGA strike is close to resolution, and maybe the writers, show runners, and crews can get back to work on Monday.

As a writer, the issues they have fought for are worth a lot to me (residuals from dvd sales and web downloads); I never like to see a writer writing for free in order to keep their job.

In writing news, essay class is moving along. I sent my first little anecdote to my instructor and hope she didn't run screaming out of her office in pain. I am getting pretty daring with my writing, sending it hither and thither. You'd think I actually believed it was good.

But that's the issue. I'm a good writer, but you still have that nagging feeling that maybe you missed the target with your latest piece. So today, after all the work is done and LOST is watched, I won't try to write too much, saving it for tomorrow when things are not so hectic.

Currently reading: McGraw-Hill Business Writing and Communication (Kenneth W. Davis)
Currently listening to: Stop and Stare (One Republic)

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