Friday, February 08, 2008

Friday Fiver!

1. Caught up for the weekend. Whew! Worked it yesterday because the India office is off on Monday and stuff was due. Feeling good about how much I got done and how fun it will be today to READ . . . in the cold . . .

2. Our furnace blower died a horrible death last night. The repair man is coming today, but the temp is dropping and it's 60 in here. For Trish, the cold-blooded skinny girl, this is too cold. I am wrapped up when it's 65 or 70, so I am going to go scald myself in the shower.

3. Wii party at our house tonight at 7. BYOB. Nuff said.

4. LOST blew my mind last night and I'm kinda ticked. More questions, more new people, and they channeled C.S. Lewis? I'm so confused. Who is Charlotte Staples Lewis? Polar bear addict? Argh.

5. WGA strike is done. They've got a deal, it will be ratified by WGA west and east tomorrow and back to work Monday? That sounds great. Congrats, WGA! We're proud of you and so happy for you. Big weekend.

Gotta run, heating guy is here (so strange to not use my sis and brother in law for this!)

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Jamie Ford said...

Yay, the WGA strike is winding down. My film agent left to join some other firm. Not sure if the strike was a major factor, but I'm sure it didn't help her situation when productions came to a halt.