Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Over It

Stayed up too late watching returns from Super Tuesday. It is voter fatigue, I can feel it. I'm pretty happy to see the big winners and those who are losing steam. This year, I'm ABH (anyone but Hillary or Huckabee) and I loved Guiliani so much, but my hope is that he might be McCain's vp choice, which would be cool. I like McCain, but Mac cannot beat Obama, and I just don't care anymore. Obama/Mac, whatever.

I'm a bit disillusioned because to me there is not much difference between the parties anymore: in fiscal policy, foreign policy, domestic policy, etc., as both love to spend my money, both love to make decisions that benefit themselves and not average Americans, and no one has respect for the power of the people anymore. (We know this about Mac already, and we read Obama's book and were really disappointed by it.) So both have made mistakes; that's fine. I just need a break. I get daily emails from very conservative friends urging me to choose Huckabee when they only like him because of the access it will give them to the federal government (you should see who's in Huckabee's back pocket--scary).

But I sound really grumpy, so I'll just say that I love Mac and his ABBA song that he plays at his rallies. I love Peggy Noonan (of Ronald Reagan speechwriting fame) last night commenting on the GOP's fickleness. She is so cool. I love the fervor I see in Obama supporters, like a breath of fresh air.

This race is so far from over and I love that element in America. We can make a difference by voting in primaries and participating in state caucus events (WA has one on Saturday that I'm preparing for), and in this country, if you vote, you are doing something. I get frustrated just like everyone else, but in the end, it's a vote cast. It means something.

Writing is moving along and practically the only enjoyment of my day right now. That and another project wrapped up yesterday. I am neck-deep in day job work and sometimes I just get antsy to not think about it for a while. Probably because I had a three-day weekend. Hard to get back into the groove, but I've got my Bose cranked today and Kath McPhee rocking. Yes, I'm still on this American Idol kick. Chris Daughtry is up next! :)

Realizing that I could write a stream of consciousness essay for a week straight. (There is that much in my head begging to be let out.) The key will be to mold it into something that means something. So don't look at this blog post as an example of molding.

Told you I could write a lot.

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