Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Post-Writer's Strike

The writers are back to work--today even--and of course, the question everyone has is not "how are the writers and their families doing?" but "when are my shows coming back?" We are so hooked on tv!

I am not too concerned about shows coming back because the hiatus has left me with plenty of time to read, but I did check on LOST. Yes, I'm as short-sighted as anyone. Damon Lindelof told CNN that they are going to try and add 8 more episodes this season (which means we would get a complete season after all; praise be for late starts) and this news has spread like wildfire across the LOST fan base. Fingers crossed!

I'm proud of the WGA. The contract is a good one, furthering pay farther than ever before and firmly planting the tv industry into Web 2.0. Of course, concessions on both sides, but that's what a strike is. You win some, you lose some.

On the phone most of this morning, day job work is slowly catching up, and then I'm still finishing a freelance project. Another finishes tomorrow, and then it's back to a dull roar. February is certainly my catch-up month. Textbooks are slow (my bread and butter), but I think March will bring a wave, and then you'll hear me whining about my schedule once again.

Brainstorming book topics for a project I want to launch this year or early 2009. It's intriguing, but we'll see how it goes.

Currently reading: Telling True Stories (Mark Kramer, Wendy Call)
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