Thursday, February 14, 2008

When It Rains, It Pours

The weather is getting warmer even for Seattle and yesterday we had glorious sunshine and I got so excited because this means spring is coming soon! Woohoo!

Today is another day of finishing projects. I am buried with day job work, so that's a priority. I did make it to the gym yesterday and am cooking hubby's favorite meal for Valentine's Day tonight. He's SOOOO happy. He left me an adorable gift basket full of gift cards, a teddy bear, candy, and a cd. Such a sweetheart. I LOVE YOU, GTL!

Got feedback on my essay yesterday. Fantastic time with Andrea. She's the shiznit, truly. A wonderful lady and her advice is so good. I'm really excited to rework this piece into something better. Then advice on my business writing from a new professional friend. He gave me great tips! I am really excited about that too. Lots going on. I am really pumped up for 2008.

This week I had a downer day (Tuesday). I wasn't sure where it came from, but it was sure there. Nothing seemed like it would work out, nothing seemed bright and sunny. Isn't it amazing how quickly those moods come on? I think it was waiting for feedback, too much work, and the weather. I don't have SAD, but I was sad.

Thank goodness things are moving again and looking up. I love it.

Here's to a wonderful Valentine's Day to everyone! Spread the love!

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