Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Political Meanderings

So Edwards and Guiliani are both out, prompting a lot of chatter as to who to vote for (a lot of people I know were really pumped for those two).

We're still 10 months away and I'm already troubled.

Anyhoo, yesterday was a great day. I read (mostly for my MFA class work) and am in love with a whole new batch of short story writers. Any class that makes you read this many short stories is a good one. I have more to do today, but the deadline for my marketing is coming up and I will have to deal with some of that too. I'm also getting hammered with day job schtuff. It is the busy season.

My CPA is working on payroll paperwork for 2007 Q4 and W2 for 2007. I can't remember if I filed that one form back in 2007 or not (it's not due until February) and I also can't find it, so I hopefully filed it. Yeesh.

If you are truly in the dark and your head is under a rock, tonight begins the LOST partying. The last episode of Season 3 replays tonight (the enhanced version) in preparation for tomorrow's big Season 4 launch. Even with a shorter season, people are excited! As am I.

Hopefully I get more animated as we head toward spring. This blog is just dull. Sorry, everyone.

Currently reading: Eclipse (Stephenie Meyer)
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