Thursday, January 31, 2008

LOST: Ignore This Post At Your Peril

Sorry to those of you who just don't care (wake up, people!) but today is the day of all days: the LOST premiere. We only get 8 eps, but we'll take 'em. Besides, I heard tell that these may be the best 8 eps of the entire show!

My questions are:

Who gets off the island?
Who does NOT get off the island?
And how does it all come down?

That to me is what is going to drive the last three seasons of this show. The conflict between various warring factions and how it all blows up and why that made Jack so desperate in last season's flash forward. Remember, he was hollering at Kate "We have to go back!" Why? What happened after he made the call to that freighter? We are gonna find out starting tonight. It's deliciously wonderful to have LOST back. I'm so pumped up.

I hope I can sit still while getting my hair cut today. My poor stylist.

In other news, my prep work for my essay class that begins tomorrow is going strong. I'm almost finished with my MFA work this week. I also finished a pile of books yesterday, which was good. I have another pile to start on. This is gonna be fun!

My teacher for my essay class is Andrea King Collier, renowned essayist (featured in O magazine) and soon to have her own book of essays published. I'm really glad I got into this class (her last one in 2008) and know it will help steer my writing for this year in a significant way.

My buddy, Allison, has her new novel's pre-order page up at Amazon. So exciting, AWS! In case you missed her first novel, look here.

I can't describe the euphoria of having an editor work on your book. It was a huge step for me and I'm so glad I did it. I feel stronger, more sure, and even freer than I've ever felt with my writing, probably because I trust Emily and know she'll tell it to me straight. It's a great foundation for 2008.

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