Friday, January 25, 2008

Done, done, done

I finished the revision. I want to revise again. This is the madness and why I'm hiring an editor. I can't get caught in this revision vortex again.

I ran a spellcheck, and then made it pretty and now it's printed and bundled and an UPS tag is sitting on it ready to go today. Whew. I was so happy to finish the first pass--for about five seconds--and then I started doodling.

Slap my hand!

So on to the next thing on my todo list, which is prepare for my February essay class, deal with this week's MFA schtuff, and get back to writing my new web site copy. Plus, it's gonna be a blog explosion around here as we move to a domain! Excitement. Or I blow up my domain host. Whichever comes first, I guess.

And it's time for a Friday Fiver! Everybody scream now.

1. Working on a monograph and trying to push IMAP email and HTTP email into POP for the day job. I need hubby! Might have to wait until he gets home.

2. Finishing two freelance projects, one completely done and another beginning.

3. Run to Nordstrom Rack for sis to find that "bag."

4. Get all that done, so I can read! I am going mad by only getting one page of Allegra Goodman each night. Plus, the new Seth Godin book is really good.

5. I think February is going to be wild, just hearing about the workload from the day job, and the writing I want to accomplish.

Extra item: LOST season 4 starts next week. If you haven't seen the sneak peeks (which are really good), go here.

Currently reading: a whole pile of stuff, at the top is Allegra Goodman's Intuition
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