Wednesday, January 23, 2008

It's All About Perspective

I hope today is the end of this revise. My brain can do nothing else but think about it. This blog has suffered, my communication skills have tanked, and I still am not quite done. Why is it that when you're to send your work to a pro you suddenly see everything that is horribly wrong? Yep, that's me.

I slept yesterday and then read (psychology and lit books for a Teaching Company class I'm taking) and today I feel much better. But my anxiety rears almost every hour! I have this little trick--Rescue Remedy potion and a Metallica DVD (it's Ben H's fault! but really, I owe Ben, I can't edit without it now!)--which delights Todd!

Today is it. It must be the end. I have too many things to think about and too much to do. 85 pages to go!

Wish me luck!

In other news: Drew Carey reruns are the best! We have them TiVo'd every night and love this show so much! It's a different tv world for sure. It's the type of show that makes you relax. And of course, I love Drew Carey!

Currently reading: the revision, revision books, book on literature, books on Freud (boy was he an egotistical maniac)
Currently listening to: Five O'Clock World (The Vogues) (from the Drew Carey show, of course!)

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