Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tackling a Large Writing Project

How does a writer write a book? And keep all the characters straight and the storyline and find out if the conflict is steady throughout the book and make sure each character gets enough time on "stage" and that one character doesn't steal the entire book?

Read on.

I've been thinking about this too and I read on 43 Folders last week that Merlin has tested Scrivener for large writing projects. Scivener comes with a 30-day fully functional trial, so I downloaded it. Last night, I started playing.

But yesterday, before I was fully engaged in the program's explanatory tour, I was surfing on He Wrote, She Wrote, which led me to Argh Ink (Jenny's blog) and I read Jenny's post about Scrivener from February 16, where she raves about it. Of course, she also uses Curio, which now I'm dying to get as well (only a 15-day free trial).

But still, I can see how both these programs would really help my book writing to prosper.

And it's nice to have Jenny's blog to cruise when I'm feeling rather panicky about our future. I think today is d-day (decision day). There's a staff-wide 9:30 am PST meeting.

So, I'm writing.


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