Friday, March 30, 2007

I heart Fridays!

It's always a giant sigh of relief when I get to this day. Especially lately, when my office is trashed and my schedule is full and I know I have to pay attention to things like taxes and bills and I'd rather just go camping!

Happy 31st birthday to my Michelle (my sis!). She doesn't like the pomp and circumstance for birthdays, but she gets it on this blog. I love you so much!

I should confess. The office got to me yesterday, so I cleaned it. Then had to stay up late and finish a pile of stuff for India because I spent time sorting papers and didn't spend time editing files. It's such a good stress-killer to sort stuff and put things back in order. I needed it and I will be caught back up for India today.

No Curio today. I have oodles of Curio project spaces to post, but I don't want to fill up my blog with unrelated images. (I'm aesthetic that way; I want things to make sense and to complement each other). Thus, you'll have to wait until I have more Curio done for my WIP, Let Them Eat Cake. It will be worth the wait.

Doing research on structure and conflict for the WIP. Really loved Heidi's Curio project space for her WIP character, Evie. (I hope she doesn't mind me talking about it on my blog. Let me know, H.) It's really a tight circle of events that's she formulated and it really inspired me. I tend to look at novel plotting as a timeline--this must happen before this, etc.--but her tight circle helped me to see that if I get all my characters moving in their own directions, conflict will spew out of that and a story must appear. So, thanks, Heidi, you've helped me so much!

We're looking at job possibilities for hubby here. Thinking about and working toward Colorado. We both love the idea of mountains and forests and fresh air (much more than the other area we have as an option (ahem, Plano), plus we know quite a few people there already--C and L and their kids, the F family, with all their extended families, as well as L and R and K.

So we're working on a resume. DH has a meeting with headhunters next week and a job fair on the 11th, so here we go! Good vibes appreciated muchly.

Happy Friday and take time to work on a Fun Project this weekend, okay? It'll do your heart good.

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