Tuesday, March 27, 2007

My first Curio project space.

This is the Curio collage I created for my book I'm writing called Everywhen. I told ya the program was amazing!

I picked out the preliminary pictures that really spoke to me about this project. It's taking shape in my mind! What a program! I'm so impressed, I bought it! Yes. I. Did. (thanks, Michael!)

In other news, yes, hubby's contract has been lost, but we're not lost; in fact, we feel pretty blessed. We have no idea if we'll stay in Seattle or move elsewhere (and no idea where we're going if we move), but we know this is happening for a reason and I'm excited. It is time for my hubby to polish off some of his dreams and now we get to.

Of course, it means packing all this up eventually (nothing may happen for six months or we may move next week!), but I've started to sell books online. I may end up selling every book I own, which is both hard for me and liberating. I'm finding that the less I "grasp" these things that I thought were of utmost importance to me, the less they matter in the long run.

My friend, Amy, a personal organizer in Oceanside, California inspires me each time I talk to her. She doesn't hoard ANYTHING, and makes me feel foolish about what I hang onto so tightly. I'm channeling her this week and selling the books. Even if I sell one that I regret later, I can always buy it again.

Heck, I gave my treasured copy of Stephen King's On Writing to a guy selling magazine subscriptions a few months ago when he found out I was a writer and asked me how to get published. I easily replaced my copy. The books will always be there, but right now, they need to fly away to other homes.

Happy Wednesday!

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