Thursday, March 29, 2007

More Curio.

This is the Curio for Let Them Eat Cake's theme, halfway put together and just starting the organization.

I'm following the worthy example of Heidi over at and going to post more of my Curio stuff as I get settled into a routine. At first, it will be just the first massive gathering of images. I'm working on organizing these images into an overarching theme, first of the book itself, and then for each character. I'd also like to create a Curio project space for each chapter's theme and events. Curio has changed my life! So worth the price and the effort to move to Mac.

My first WIP that needs attention is Cake, because the first draft and outline is already finished and I need to learn to finish what I start. :)

How is my writing going? Very well. I'm finally working solely off my Macbook, instead of juggling the other iMac, papers, my PC desktop, and scribbled notes. This way, I keep the story contained.

I really need the added pressure to concentrate on my WIP, because I'm so unsure about our immediate future. I have peace about it; totally cool with whatever happens for my husband's career, but that doesn't change the fact that I may or may not have to pack up either in April or in October. Plus, my workload is really filling up and I have to stay on task and make progress.

It's a rush for me to finish a project and do it well. I am a GTD next action girl all the way. When I complete character sketches on a project, I experience such gratification that I immediately cross it off the list and conquer the next thing.

Plus, I've realized this past year that writing on a fiction project is really relaxing and therapeutic for me. There is nothing I love better (well, spending time with Daphne, my niece, shopping, and buying and reading books come to mind), but this year, I'm moving forward again. After a great 2006 of writing, but realizing that my genre is shifting, 2007 is about making the jump to a new genre and getting a novel out there. The first one is the most difficult (thanks Cameron Foote) and things will get easier as it goes along.

Hope your writing projects are moving along as well! Enjoy! And stay tuned for more Curio in the days to come.

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