Thursday, January 03, 2008

I Am So Excited and the January 2008 List

We are four weeks away from Season 4 of LOST, by far the best and greatest show on television (well, okay, House and Scrubs are good too and I do watch ER; hey I work in the medical publishing field and it's interesting to me) that will return to our lives for eight episodes. Short, but sweet. Oh so sweet.

Things are moving job-wise for both hubby and myself. Changes in responsibilities (in a direction that both of us are really excited about: project management for him and focus on craft and style of copyediting for me) in both jobs that neither of us really expected but are super grateful for. Just maybe I can spend less time thinking about my job when I'm not at work and more time thinking about my writing. Wouldn't that be nice!

Just five more sections in one of my revision books left (the pile is shrinking) and already I have just soaked up all I've learned about craft. Love it!

I just made a January 2008 goal list:

Revise novel for the editor I hired.
Move this blog to a more secure platform (my domain using WordPress).
Finish building and finally launch my corp writing site (
Utilize my virtual assistant (VA) for data entry (required for the corp site to become a success).
Get the next batch of editorial postcards out and the eZine updated.
Decide if I want to add blogs to both those sites.
Write the corp writing eZine.
Resume daily study schedule for CLEP and DANTES testing, which are coming up too quickly.
Write 1,000 words seven days a week. Spend 1-2 hours on weekdays on craft (double that on weekends if I can).

I am not going to hire another editor to review that other novel until I have gotten the feedback from this initial novel review. Need to stay on course and that means focus on craft and prepare to make revisions. I am paying a lotta money for feedback, and must take advantage of it.

Truthfully, I think the January list is too much. But the guilt I will have for not doing it will slay me and it will get done but will slug into February/March for sure. However, for now I won't rename it the Q1 priority list solely for motivation purposes.

Little progress doing little tasks make this list doable. And this is my chance. The WGA is still on strike, I have no kids, and if I'm studying, hubby will study. And we both need to keep moving forward!

Currently reading: Twilight (Stephenie Meyer)
Currently listening to: iTunes store demos (got a 25-buck iTunes giftcard to spend; thanks D!)

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