Thursday, December 06, 2007


Finished up all my workload yesterday and treated myself to Cahier notebooks from Borders. I also found them for an incredible price at Moleskines Good Prices and I ordered some from them as well.

In revision last night I started work (along with my work on characterization) on my novel's structure. I have a structure notebook and it's just really interesting to look so closely at elements of a novel and to really squeeze and mold them to fit. Writing is more about what you do off the page than what what ends up on the page, in both thinking and writing.

I got a scolding from my writing buddy about picking up two more book ideas to start writing as I revise. So I am reneging on yesterday's post (yeah, it's my blog; I can do that). I am only revising one book. I am not writing any other books. I am jotting in notebooks.

Is everybody happy? (my Swedish great-grandfather Ernest used to ask that all the time)

For today, it's tons of AMA study (a strategy worked out this morning because of style guides that weren't quite ready to update), and later, I'm reading, writing, and revising!

Happy writing day!

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