Friday, October 19, 2007

Friday Fiver

1. And it's Friday! I'm so glad. What a drive down south through the wind and rain. All the Seattle floating bridges had nice cresting waves, but I don't think it was too bad. Visibility coming down through Salem was really poor, but I'm here.

2. Writing is moving along, I'm really making progress and enjoying it so much! I will be done with my 35k by October 31. I can't wait. Lots of inspiration this week in the big book sales for several writing colleagues. Go, J and A!

3. Reading piles of writing and history books. Just finished a very disturbing look at the foundations of the Nazi Party and its occult leanings. Very disturbing. Also finishing Cahill's book on the Middle Ages. Next up is a book on WWII events in North Africa and Steven Pressfield's Gates of Fire (didn't get through it before London; will recheck it out and finish in November) and the sequel.

4. Perplexed by the massacre in Pakistan surrounding Bhutto's return. Encouraged by Bush's encouragement and award to the Dalai Lama this past week.

5. Enjoying the little things in life today; an Internet connection, a good book, cashmere socks(!), and the chance to give grace, even to those who don't impress me much.

Playing on the Ipod: Love Song (Sara Bareilles)

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