Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Monday/Tuesday Mash

Yes, I'm a day behind (but not a dollar short, or behind on my writing, so I'm good).

Life has now slowed down for the traveling two of us. We're tired after a month of being in transit and so glad to be home and gearing up for a fun holiday season! We're with family in Oregon for T-day, but we're home for Christmas! First time in this house and first time in four years! It's going to be great. I finally can get a tree if I want to and I can bake and store up piles of movies and stay at home in my comfy fleece and Ugg boots and eat dark chocolate and Christmas cookies!

I'm adding a Good Reads feature to my blog. We'll see how it looks. It gives my readers a chance to see what I've got on my reading list. And I will definitely link to any reviews that are worthwhile for your enjoyment.

My thoughts are with SoCal as the fires rage. Stay safe, friends!

Playing on the iPod: Enigma Variations (Elgar)

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