Monday, July 16, 2007

Still Flying

Spent the weekend with family and it was great fun. Picking blueberries at Roman's with baby niece, bbq with family, relaxed meandering walk in the evening cool, then church out under the oak trees at my folks' church (Calvary Chapel Corvallis). Lunch at the Mexican joint and then everyone tore off to their own separate agendas: naps, paperwork, driving north on 1-5 back home.

But the biggest development is my successful meeting late Friday afternoon with my new fiction writing buddy. I came away so inspired I missed my exit on 167 south and had to double back. We are planning to sell our novels in 2008 together. I have to catch up quite a bit with Jen, but it can be done. I have decided which manuscript I'm focusing on and now will find a fiction coach to help me rework my story. This will keep me on track and focused and I'm so excited!

It is the most incredible experience to meet a fellow fiction writer to bounce ideas and goals off of. Writing is such a solitary experience that I had long despaired of finding such a person locally. Well, local or not, Jen has inspired me more than I can even write on this blog.

You know what I'll be doing in my free-time hours!

Must dash to finish the work so I can write!

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