Thursday, July 19, 2007

Fedex Woes.

Spent the morning chasing a Fedex package around. Not happy with Kinko's employees who so casually let me do so.

All is well now.

Lots of writing to do today. Working on an article and hoping to get through a phone interview without draining my recorder batteries again.

Met good friends, S and G, who are visiting Seattle from Tampa, last night for a lovely dinner at Cafe Champagne off Alaskan Way. Thank goodness S is a native French speaker so she could translate the menu for us. Delicious food all-around, right up to the chocolate-hazelnut mousse with fresh strawberries for dessert. I want to go back soon!

Weather is improving; not raining today at least. (Good for S who is wandering around the arboretum and conservatory outdoors today; wish I could join you, S! Enjoy!)

I love summer in Seattle. Nippy enough for a light sweater and city jeans, but warm enough that the rain feels so good. :)

Keep moving forward.

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