Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Writing and Walking.

I'm thoroughly inspired by Chip Scanlon again this morning. (He's got good stuff!).

Also, get this.

I'm out running a bajillion errands yesterday afternoon after work, in masses of Seattle traffic, trying to not get my brain sucked out by the inane commute radio talk and I get a brainstorm. Something my sister said to me sets me off on this idea for an essay on change. Usually, writing notes while driving is not wise for me, so I kept repeating key phrases to myself and then pulled into the post office parking lot and grabbed the index cards that Anne Lamott suggested writers keep everywhere (cars, bedside tables, back pocket on a walk, etc.) and I was able to capture not just one essay idea, but two. Just from quickly jotting two key phrases down on their respective cards. I literally danced into the post office to mail my Netflix movie (Friends with Money with Jennifer Aniston--skip it--trust me) and to check my po box.

I felt in control of the flow of ideas. This is huge.

I'm working very hard on process over here (with help from Boice and other authors) and this was a major breakthrough for me.

Now off to write those essays! I got a list of essay markets the other day.

Keep Moving Forward.

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