Thursday, June 28, 2007

More tech talk.

So, I don't have to use what I wrote in Ruby just to use Quicksilver with iGTD, but if I want to back up my iGTD, I need to do so. Fine. For now, my .Mac will back up for me.

Or not, if I continue to figure out how all this works together.

So, for those who wrote to say they were not sure what I was talking about, here's an example of how I'm using my Macbook as my to-do list.

Before, using OmniOutliner and kGTD, I would type a task into the program, but I was in the program and my mind would immediately go blank. Staring at a to-do list that demands lots of organization upfront will make me go blank every time!

Now, I can be typing in another program, Word or Adobe or even checking email and I just press the command key (on a Mac) and my Quicksilver box pops up. I can quickly type @ followed by six custom categories I've picked. I'll use @Fiction as my example. So I type that, then a space and then the task I want to file into my Fiction subfolder. So, @Fiction Prepare a 200-word section of my in-progress novel to send to my writers group--that's it! And then press enter. That task is automatically filed into iGTD into the correct folder and I can forget about it. I have another category @Home and I just added a reminder to myself to call my sister about a paint color. It's one less thing on my mind and I can trust that iGTD will keep it for me. Plus, with Growl, I can assign it a time and start and end date and Growl (as well as iCal) will remind me about it later.

Does that help?

What kind of free programs can you find that will help you streamline your work and to-do lists?

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