Monday, May 21, 2007

A New Day.

No, I'm not singing Celine Dion songs on this blog. It really is a new day. Hubby finished the first draft of his final school paper. He's off golfing to celebrate. In the rain.

My writing work has begun in earnest again. Book reviews, essays, non-fiction, fiction. I'm excited and will be sharing more on this blog in the coming days.

Writing is thinking, you know. If you're trying to write something and you find yourself having a hard time thinking, you need to step back and think before writing. Does that make sense?

Especially in non-fiction, it's not so much about the news (I'm talking about expository or persuasive writing, not so much journalism) as about expressing your viewpoint about the subject. People appreciate a strong viewpoint that has something to say. Even if it's contentious, people would rather hear it said strong than "I think . . ." or "If I could say . . ."

So write firmly, with conviction, and keep moving forward.

I sure am.


Gay said...

Not so much about your post as to welcome you to Persist & Publish. Kathy just posted the news, and we're very glad to have you on board, esepcially with all of your experience. You'll be a wonderful addition to our merry band!

Love your blog, too. I'm going to link to it, if that's OK.


Trish said...

Absolutely, Gay, link away.

I'm excited to be a part of Persist & Publish! I saw your post on Jenny Crusie's blog and the rest is history.