Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Writing Is a Journey

Not a sprint race.

I'm reminding myself of that as I have another crazy week that just keeps handing out interruptions and non-planned events. I am so grateful for good things happening, but know that I have to stay focused on the work today, or I will melt down.

How come we think that writers just sit down at their computers and unstop a vein and voila, they get a book? I don't think even writers realize how hard writing is. Sure, anyone can sit down and put words to paper. But how about when you're creating something new and you don't know exactly how it should look, sound, or feel?

That's hard. Inspiration and creativity are blessings and when they strike, I often take them for granted and get upset when they don't give me a book . . . complete, incredible, brilliant.

So, this week, I'm pacing myself. Every day I spend time on the WIP and every day I let myself disappear into that world, if only to catch a small glimpse so that I can take a few more steps forward.

Writing is hard, but if you inch along, you ultimately will make it to where you're going.

Keep Moving Forward.

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