Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Getting Things Done

It's spring here, but friends told me that they are getting snow this week, so in preparation for spring!

Most of you know about David Allen's Getting Things Done, the book that has taken on a rather cult-like following, with fans gathering at 43 Folders and elsewhere to dig deep into the book's principles in order to gain control over their lives.

I admit it, I'm a huge fan (although very averse to cults!) and yesterday, was delighted to see an interview with David himself over at my friends' (Linda and Diana) blog, Renegade Writers Talk to David Allen. What fun! To have David Allen talk about GTD as a freelancer. It's just very inspiring. I mean, I use Kinkless and Quicksilver and Devon Technologies, but each time I read anything David Allen says, I'm inspired all over again.

In writing news, I am continuing to outline the novels this week. I'm going to miss my March 21st deadlines for American Masquerade, but there's a good reason for that. It's okay.

Finished three assignments yesterday, including a copy assignment that has been dragging out for a week. Nice feeling. Today is two more assignments, a copyediting test, and lots and lots of first-pass page reading.

Luckily Gilmore Girls in on rerun for a few more weeks.

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