Monday, March 19, 2007

Book deal news for Monday.

I did sell a book this month and after posting my news on the writer forums and discussion boards, I remembered my own blog! So March 2007 is the month that renews my kid's book writing career.

The book will be published this fall by Tormont in Montreal and it's called "A Princess's Crown." It's a short sticker story book, and it's about a princess, Gwendolyn, who wants a crown just like her mother's (the queen), but can't wear it because it's too heavy. It's based on an Aesop fable about a peacock who wants beautiful wings, but then can't fly because of them. In the story, Gwendolyn tries on all the royal jewels, but can't wear any of them. She receives a special crown, just like her mother's, but smaller and more suitable for her head and as a result, has a wonderful time at the ball.

The book will have full-color illustrations, a sheet of stickers for readers to try different dresses and shoes and jewels on the princesses, and a fold-out ball room where they can use the stickers to create their own stories. I publish as Trish Lawrence, but I'll try to post if and when the book makes it to the United States. I wrote it specifically for the U.S. market (American English), so it should get here.

In other news, I outlined fastidiously all weekend and took copious notes from my daydreaming (and pre-sleep) brain for upcoming kid's book ideas (I admit, I was inspired!). I plan to submit a manuscript to the Random House middle-grade novel contest that starts this spring. I have to submit by June 1 and I may not make it, but I am writing toward it. Thus, this weekend was spent brainstorming and outlining Everywhen (which is not eligible for the contest because it's not set in the United States) and another idea I had, which works for the contest, but that is still untitled and the main character unnamed. But this week should bring more progress on that if my schedule holds!

I rested and relaxed this weekend, watching kid's movies by the hour and just letting my brain roam free. It was great. Also, enjoyed the freshly mowed lawns and kids playing until late last night because of impending spring and the light that lingers longer. It is a wonderful magical time just before dark during spring and summer, isn't it?


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