Friday, February 23, 2007

Grey's Anatomy is crap.

Okay, so I gave up watching this show over a year ago, but was sucked in last night, because my brain was shot and well, everyone was talking about it.

Saw the first part of the Meredith "death" and knew someone had been watching too much Heroes on NBC, or mooching off your fellow ABC hit, LOST. What's with the spooky child staring with death eyes and pointing at Elliott Bay? Yikes. But really, ABC, you've officially killed the show. The whole "hovering in between" with Denny and company? Come on. She and her mother hugging goodbye? Please. Meredith opening her eyes and talking coherently to Cristina within minutes?

Oh, go jump a shark.

GA, for me, is finally dead. Oh that Meredith would have died too. Because really people, this is all about Shonda Rimes. The woman's ego is fully inflated. Perhaps we should have thrown her into the water as a life raft and skipped the whole frantic "save Meredith" frenzy.

In other news, the writing is moving forward. I swear, bit by bit, the story takes shape and has now taken on a life of its own. The protagonist is downright scary, his smooth charm and how he sweeps my heroine off her feet. This is not just a "romance" people, but a romance biography travel tale (that's four different points from Jane Smiley's thirteen ways of a novel). The more of those thirteen ways I can utilize, the better the novel.

Keep on writing!

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