Thursday, February 22, 2007

Back in the saddle again.

Whew, February was a blur. My new niece was born, my marketing efforts have totally taken over my office, and my writing on novels and articles and essays has picked up nicely. Excitement!

Seriously, though, what a great feeling to have things balancd. I will start changing up my writing o'meters to show off my latest progress. I'm in the middle of my new first draft of American Masquerade, which is kinda spooky, but it's so good. I really, really, really like it. Let Them Eat Cake is done, done, done, well first draft at least and I'm actually super excited to get back to it after the AM first draft is down. I also have multiple ideas spouting from my research and reading for these two projects. Yikes. I need to write more and more! What a great job!

I have had multiple offers to blog for others and although the idea is really cool, I'm only looking for paying gigs (and that pay a reasonable rate!). What is a reasonable rate? Well, a freelance professional rate. I charge going rates that may seem exorbitant to you, but are so cheap compared to trying to write yourself (not everyone is a writer, contrary to popular opinion), so please don't ask me to work for nothing or for pennies.

The blogging I do is quality. It's not just blah-blah text loaded with keywords, and it's not run of the mouth chatter that means nothing. I write for a specific audience and if you hire me to write for your audience, well, you'll be happy with the end result. Very happy.

Off to finish an article for an association newsletter, work on some pitches, and I get to have lunch with a teacher friend who's off for winter break.

Keep writing!

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