Tuesday, May 20, 2008

No One Cares What You Have For Lunch

Saw a book with this title on Amazon today and chuckled. I feel like this blog has been just that dull of late. It's been a miracle just getting something up on this blog every single day in May. (Don't travel when you want to improve traffic to a blog!)

So today we go back to the basics. This blog is my writing blog. I'm not here to help anyone improve their writing, or even to improve my writing, I'm just talking about my writing journey. I am an aspiring novelist, have written and published several non-fiction gift books and one children's picture book and I'm moving onto YA this year. I also write essays and non-fiction and copyedit a lot of pages on a weekly basis.

Currently I'm just about to begin my massive revision of the YA novel I've been working on for the past year. I plan to have 100 pages ready by the first of August (or sooner) to send out to a second editor for her opinion and I plan to sell this book in time to grab the summer/fall reading lists for 2010. This means I need to find an agent this fall and sell sometime in early 2009. Or somewhere thereabouts. Plans of mice and men and all that . . .

News roundup today:

CJR reports on the changing face of journalism; not so much about magazines anymore.

Print news is growing, not decreasing, in emerging markets, according to the NYT.

Professional blogger/podcaster Amanda Congdon is back on her own terms.

And a bunch of information sites to get the scoop on everyone you know (or hate). Privacy? What's that?

And last, not definitely not least, Penelope Trunk talks about productivity testing, with some very interesting results.

Have a great productive Tuesday!

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