Monday, May 19, 2008

Home Again


And we're home. Really glad to be here too. London was delightful and wonderful and I would do it again in a minute, but I was ready to head for home, especially when I heard about the wonderful weather we're finally having here (England was lovely too, for the record).

And so today is a la-de-da day, with me trying to get back on the correct time zone and relaxing while I sort through email and snail mail and unpacking and laundry and writing.

Would you believe I read half a dozen books while I was gone? Thank goodness for the Kindle and for nine-hour flights both ways! Reading that much prepares me nicely for writing and I'm ready to go.

I start my new writing class in a week (Memorial Day proper) and am working on a book proposal and an essay. Plus, the novel work commences in earnest this week.

I relied so much on YouTube over the past ten days that I am going to take a break and not use one today.

Currently reading: Girl's Guide to Growing a Million-Dollar Business
Currently listening to: the Ellen Show

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