Friday, April 25, 2008

Friday "Here Comes the Warm Weather" Fiver

1. Seattle is poised and ready to take advantage of it, so come on down, warm weather! (I will be out weeding my front yard!)

2. Am booked up with writing jobs (more than copyediting work) right now and it feels a bit strange, but I'm jiving with it. Here we go.

3. New season of Deadliest Catch! Okay, so it started a few weeks ago and that week was a banner one because we saw Sig Hansen, captain of the Northwestern at the airport as we picked up hubby's sister. His family was on her flight. Sig was bombarded with people wanting pictures. He's shorter than he looks on television, but really polite and kind to everyone. Fun star sighting! Only in Seattle!

4. We are packing for London this weekend! Going to try and not check any bags because we're going through Terminal 5 at Heathrow (the same BA terminal that has been in the news of late for lost luggage woes) and to pack that light takes some planning. I am motivated!

5. Writers group meet went off last night and what fun. Had a reading from Jen's new novel that is headed out to agents, brainstormed with Elizabeth as she figures out a way to use her vast international network to sell her novel (she's well-connected; had a private audience with the Dalai Lama when he was in Seattle recently), and we were wowed by Sonya's first chapter. I came ready with a complex writing exercise as I am still in prewriting mode. We had good wine, good food, and a great time.

Off to write!

Currently reading: Kindle version of Roy Peter Clark's Writing Tools
Currently listening to: Natasha Bedingfield

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