Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Writing Clear

So this is my feedback week. One thing I know for sure: I need to write clear. My sentences are complex, convoluted tangles (if you've read this blog much, you've probably seen it).

I am not cast down, however. Do you know how much I crave feedback? I may be a special breed of writer, but I love to hear when I write terribly.

Because it makes me a better writer. So bring it on.

News roll today:
HBO is going to do the No. 1 Ladies' Detective Agency for 13 episodes.
I'm not even going to comment on Spitzer.
The press may be turning on Obama according to The New Republic.
His economic policies definitely need a thorough shaking out. And his financial advisor is from the University of Chicago (which doesn't seem to be helping him either).

Have a lot to be thinking about regarding a platform for my non-fiction writing. A book opp has presented itself, so I really have to get my rear in gear.

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