Thursday, March 13, 2008

I'm Still Aglow From My Critique

You'd think I'd be hiding in my closet, whimpering, but I'm glowing, thrilled, excited, and ready to write!

The first meet of our twice-monthly writing critique group met last night at Jen's and it was a hit! The four of us (will be five later on) hit it off and sat in front of a cozy fire with chilled grapes and ice water (yes, we are fruity) relaxing and chatting and encouraging each other.

Then for the last hour I got my first 20 pages of the revised novel (currently with my editor) critiqued. I had my laptop and couldn't type fast enough as the comments came. But once they got over the issues they had with my first chapter, the comments were all about how much they loved it and wanted to read more. So my job for the next two weeks is to wait on the my editor for her critique, but to try and fiddle with a first chapter rewrite. Slow to start. I can fix that! I'm delighted. It was a huge breath of fresh air and I can't wait to get started. Two projects to finish today first (a European journal project) and deciding on an outline for a book project.

In movie/writing/media news:

They are filming Harry Potter #6 (spilled by accident by Lois Lowry on her blog last month), but they've just decided to split HP #7 into two movies, six months apart. I am not thrilled by this. Why would you make me wait? Argh.

Off I go. Lots to do today.

Currently reading: History of the Ancient World (Susan Wise Bauer)
Currently listening to: a forgotten iTunes folder with music from 2002!

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