Friday, October 12, 2007

Friday Fiver.

I've been so busy this week that my blogging has suffered. So a super-duper double-large dose of the top five for this Friday!

1. The writing is moving right along. This weekend I intend to reacquaint myself with my novel game plan and get back on the horse. I admit that journaling and scrawling notes from my intense reading schedule (need to update what I'm reading currently; don't pass out!) is my neutral zone. To actually create a story is my addiction, but my energy levels wane, and with the jet lag from last weekend (see number 2), I definitely went to neutral. I intend to get back to first gear this weekend and then keep accelerating from there. Reading a nifty writing process book I picked up in Oxford still and that is helping me immensely.

2. The jet lag sapped my creativity. I was affected more coming home than going to London. It was the adrenaline, I know. I zonked out in early afternoon and then was awake all night. Finally, hubby kept me out late playing pool late last weekend and that seemed to switch me over to the right circadian rhythm. I finally feel myself today and I intend to use the next six days to catch up on all my work, read, and just enjoy being home. Because I'm headed out for another four days next week. Whew.

3. I was inspired in London to buy for style and beauty. I bought beautiful things in London and here at home this week at stores that surprised me. I've decided to buy because I love it. And to quit taking myself so seriously. And to quit trying to make life perfect. How anal is that?

4. Cancer has returned for several dear friends and so I'd ask blog readers to please support cancer charities and fundraisers (wear that yellow livestrong bracelet!) to find a cure.

5. Trader Joe's is my new favorite grocery store. Metropolitan Market has long been my favorite, but Trader Joe's is so close and the organic milk and eggs are so good. I have long bought regular buttermilk. Have you tasted organic buttermilk ranch dressing? Oh wow. They have salty treats, sugary treats, incredible two-buck Chuck wines, everything. I am sorry to say I've only gone there occasionally. It is my new favorite place!

Happy weekend all. Keep writing.

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