Monday, September 10, 2007

Monday Book Rec

Rarely do grammar books read beautifully (well, I think they all do, but I have heard from friends that Amy Einsohn's Copyediting Handbook is pretty "information-dense") unless you love Karen Elizabeth Gordon or Patricia T. O'Conner (no, sorry, Lynn Truss is not on my favorites list, but this is my blog, so my call).

Even The Elements of Style Illustrated is lost on most people (what a great book!).

Virginia Tufte has added her volume to the mix and it's fantastic.

It's truly a beautiful book and so beautifully written. Virginia's book is published alongside Edward's graphic presentation books, which are worth checking out as well.

ETA: Had an exhausting weekend (ended up with a great largish crowd and some stayed until 3 am!) Hubby and I were both tired and so took it easy. I am back to writing today though and hoping to reach 20k today and 25k tomorrow (30k by week's end).

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