Monday, July 30, 2007

Monday Again

Great weekend! Hope everyone had a great one as well. I've been so MIA lately on this blog. I will try and interact better in August.

First thing: short week due to vacation; only Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday posts.

Then, it's Shark Week on the Discovery Channel; don't forget.

As for me, we still are in limbo on the move/job for hubby sitch. I am hanging in there and feel great after we accomplished so much this weekend in the yard and house. Pulled out a dead tree and cleared out some dead plants (our winter killed off a lot of our growth) and we made the rounds at the nurseries to choose new ones, plus we decided on our plan to redo the side yard. Should work! If we sell, we'll be ready; plus if we don't sell, it will look great! I decluttered more too. A big help for a home sale is decluttering. Even though we might be completely moved out by the time we put this house on the market.

Writing is going great. This week is another 10k week on the novel WIP. I may not have time for crits, so still waiting on that until later today. Started reading a collection of Anton Chekhov's short stories. Fabulous. You haven't lived until you've read some of those.

Also found a great link to some great short stories out there:

Short Story Vault

Onward forward!

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