Tuesday, May 01, 2007

May Day.

They are bringing VICTORIA magazine back.

At least that's the word on the street. PRNewswire reported it yesterday. Hearst wil co-publish with a smaller Southern publishing company. Do you know how glad I am of this? I am so ready for that magazine to come back. It inspired me endlessly and was each month, without fail, a thing of beauty.

I'm writing (and flossing) and taking time out to enjoy beauty today (looking through back issues of the old VICTORIA for inspiration). It is May. The warm months are here after such a long winter and we are ready.

I have so much weeding to do in the backyard, but now that May is here, it can finally be done.

There's nothing like May. It heralds the start of a brand new season. I feel the winter illness and cold beginning to melt away.

Keep moving forward.

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