Tuesday, March 13, 2007

A good day.

Today's fantastic. I keep getting calls from clients I love and I get to stay home and work (so thankful for this) and I just saved the first part of our heat pump/air conditioning fund, because I have this feeling that Seattle is going to get a hot streak again this summer (probably worse than last summer as a result of our very early spring this year). Whee!

But in writing news, yesterday was a great inspirational day. I am working most of the time on other projects, but in those spare moments, inspiration strikes!

In other news, fellow Backspacer Jon Clinch's first novel, Finn
is out and he's headed to Seattle this week. Wednesday, March 14 at Third Place Books in Lakewood. I am hoping to get there, but stuff is holding me back, so we'll see. However, this is a great novel (on the violent side, so not for young readers) that Huck Finn readers will just treasure. An incredible view into the world of Huck and his father and mother. Kudos, Jon!

Plus, Jodi Picoult is headed to town next month and then my other Backspacer and FLX buddy, Allison Winn Scotch will hopefully be out from NYC in May for her new novel. Keep your eyes here.

Happy writing!

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