Saturday, July 23, 2005

Copywriting Ethics

I've been working like mad on a friend's first sales letter.
She's new at the business of real estate and I wanted to create a true marketing tool for her fledgling business.

How do I write a letter convincing people to use a professional who I know just started in her field?

Training is one thing, but experience, yes, that's quite another and much more vital, especially in sales.

So I stripped all aspects of sales out of the letter and offered a no-string-attached partnership offer. My friend would be available to help friends and associates with their real estate problems, without being their agent. Her offer is "I may not be the broker for your next real estate transaction, but I am available to help whenever you need me."

She stands to gain only expertise and respect. Because honesty and ethics mean more than quick "close the deal" sales. And if I don't demand ethics from the salespeople I work for, how can I complain the next time someone tries to "quick-sell" me?

The article below discusses this and comes to the same conclusion. My chosen profession is marred by images of quick-sellers, smooth talkers, and shady business characters.

No more, not if I can help it.

Chronicle piece on marketing

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