Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Socializing While Overseas

This is much harder in reality than it seems. Especially when a dress code is required.

So yesterday I found out that we're attending a soiree while in London that requires formal dress. But this is England and formal to them is not the same as America. This does not mean a tux or tails for the guys and a ball gown for me, but it means a dress and a suit coat and tie at least. Which was not what we were planning on, so we're scrambling.

There's Loehmann's up here with Balenciaga cocktail dresses and then the Rack around the corner from my house with Trina Turk and Elie Tahari, so I'm going to be out and about for a bit making sure the simple sheath dress and kitten heels with a fabulous scarf (purchased while in London the last time) is just right.

So I'm flitting around today finishing up the last of the projects (including a Powerpoint presentation for AMWA) and cleaning at odd moments. Hey, inspiration to scrub the shower just happens, okay?

Great meeting last night with the writer's group at Elizabeth's house. It completely calmed me down (okay the champagne calmed me down) and I felt somewhat nonstressed and normal for the drive home from Redmond. Woohoo!

Off I go!

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