Tuesday, November 06, 2007


Yes, the blogging has gone quiet because of Nano. I'm using all my writing powers on my novel draft.

If anyone wants info on the WGA strike, here's the web site where you can get updates:

WGA strike update

And happy writing!

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nietzschean-ghost said...

Hi Trish,

Good luck with this blog. Are you refering to NanoWriMo above? I have been thinking of entering too. If you get the chance drop by my blog which will track my progress on the writing of my latest novel here

Jamie Ford said...

Good luck with NaNo!

Weird that there's a writers strike, again. I think I was in college the last time. I remember comic artist Frank Miller was hired during the strike to write RoboCop II, with disastrous results. As if RoboCop 1 was worth watching...