Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Gadget Girl Tuesday

I'm a bit late updating this blog today because I babysat for my neighbors overnight and we got to telling knock-knock jokes over breakfast. :) I love kids telling jokes. Cracks me up!

In today's Gadget Girl update, I thought everyone would like to get a great refresher for Microsoft Outlook: Erik Sherman's Blog.

Two other items of note are that if you don't use QUICKSILVER on a Mac or Easy Reach finder (formerly Enfish) on your PC, you are missing out. These programs index everything on your computers for easy retrieval. QUICKSILVER has changed my life. And it's free! (Yet another reason to just buy the Mac.)

I am going to keep this post short as I am off to finish up several projects for my job and later, to write, write, write!

Playing on the iPod: In My Arms (Plumb)

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