Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Gadget Girl Tuesday

I can't draw worth a toot, but a Wacom tablet was a very smart purchase in 2006 (actually a birthday gift) because of the fun I can have playing doodle on my Mac. Plus, on that Mac are Curio and Scrivener, which thanks to the Wacom tablet is like a giant corkboard ready for brainstorming.

I saw Jenny Crusie's office-cleaning series yesterday and loved how she unburied her Wacom tablet as a result and how she uses it just like I do (with the same programs; it's Jenny's fault I am a Curio/Scrivener addict).

Jenny's The Twelve Days of My Office . . .

Her pictures were instant gratification for me. I have a much bigger office, with much less stuff (how did that happen?), but the longing to organize it better, even to sort through the piles of paper, is never far from my heart.


Playing on the iPod: Love Story (Sara Bareilles)

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