Monday, September 24, 2007

Fiction Pick Monday

Okay, so I'm still in the midst of this one, but Ann Packer's new novel is pretty darn good. If you've read her first book, Dive From Clausen's Pier, you'll remember her finely nuanced prose and incredible character development. I don't think you'll be disappointed with her new novel, Songs Without Words, but I'm not done yet.

Met up with Jen yesterday at Starbucks at the Lodge in Bellevue and made out like a bandit at the J. Crew sale. I'm going to be Devil Wears Prada for Halloween, but since Prada is a more than I want to pay for a costume, I'll actually be Devil Wears J. Crew. Sound good? We've got three Halloween parties to go to in one weekend! Good grief.

Spent Saturday out with a friend on his boat on Lake Tapps. Absolutely gorgeous and so relaxing. The boys did a few spins on the water, trying to knock each other off the inner tube by driving as fast as they dared. I lounged in the sun and laughed at hubby who is like a little kid out on the water. It was great. We ate dinner at The Rock and then crashed.

This week is finalizing everything for our London trip and trying to do as much as I can at work as it is the end of month feed frenzy. I hope to see my coworkers next week for the first time! Should be great fun.

Still writing, slow and sure.

Playing on the iPod: Back to Black (Amy Winehouse)

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