Monday, August 13, 2007

Book Rec Monday

So, whoever said learning something new was hard knew what they were talking about (What you talking about, Willis?)

They say it takes 10,000 hours of study and practice to become a master. And I believe it. I've now spent a week in my new "fiction craft" school and have learned so much, but know I have a ton more to learn. I realized I needed to read more widely in my chosen genre (YA) and so headed to B&N with my birthday gift card to do some damage. But the YA aisle bewildered me. What was good? I knew a lot of the names, but not enough.

That's where Nancy Pearl, former Seattle librarian, saved the day. Her books,

Book Lust

More Book Lust

and Book Crush

are the most inspiring, interesting, intriguing, and helpful books for die-hard book buyers and readers today. I didn't have my copy of Book Crush with me, but quickly found a copy at B&N and used it to traverse my way through the YA aisle. It worked! I came home with a bag full of the type of YA I'm writing (the best of the best) and a list of books to find online that my local brick and mortar B&N didn't carry.

It you're frustrated by trips to the bookstore and want some great recs to read, check out Pearl's recommendations.

So this week, I'm studying craft and studying my chosen genre. I am definitely on the right track!

Keep moving forward!


Heidi said...

So, spill the beans, what are you reading? :)

Trish said...

The two authors I picked up were Sarah Dessen and Joan Bauer. Short YA first-person fiction with the protagonist around the age of 16 years old.