Tuesday, June 05, 2007

The Hills Are Alive

I'm officially addicted to Pandora.com. Any song you've ever loved is available. Even some songs you've never heard for that matter.

It's overcast and gray in Seattle today. Everyone's kind of disappointed. But it's a good way to keep the students focused on school. Because of all the weather we had this past winter, they have an extra week of school this month!

I just got off the phone with my boss and am waiting for my first batch of work. I'm really excited to get started. While I wait I am reviewing their style guide and starting to read the new American Medical Style Guide, 10th edition. I have put this off for, oh I don't know, two months?

Last night worked on an essay and began slowly reviewing the 11,000 words I've alrady written on my WIP. I need to make new WIP meters. I'll do that today.

Hubby and I are talking about being overwhelmed right now. (We both are a bit with school.) I went back to the War of Art, but also remembered I need to lower the theshold and quit trying to be amazing. A little bit each day is the goal.

Keep moving forward.

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