Friday, June 22, 2007

Friday Fiver

1. New query challenge starts Monday and I'm not ready for it. Still working on some research for the queries I intend to send out. Yikes! But I'm on Leah's team. Woohoo!

2. Got to have donuts for breakfast. Love this, but it is really so bad for me. Luckily that's the only sugar I've had this week.

3. No books bought this week. Didn't buy anything as a matter of fact, so put the saved money into my SEP. Woohoo!

4. Found my King Co library card. This is really good news because I will be there a lot in the next eight weeks.

5. Got my passport in record time, which will help reduce the stress this summer as we prepare for London in September.

I may be called upon to go to London on occasion during the next year on business. Fine by me!

Keep moving forward. Off to work on my research.

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Nancy said...

Hi Trish, so what's your query challenge that starts Monday? Fill us in if you can. Have a great weekend! --Nancy